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Singer, songwriter and producer Breagh Isabel is ready to unveil her debut single “Girlfriends,” a pop-leaning, coming-of-age story about a very specific type of heartbreak; the kind that comes from being a lovesick teenager in less welcoming times. The song emerged from a session with one of her Canadian songwriting crushes, Simon Wilcox (Nick Jonas, Selena Gomez, Lennon Stella). Isabel offered up the lyrics, “maybe we were homophobic” and like an astute therapist, Wilcox instantly started peeling back the layers, unravelling a closely kept story that needed to be told.
"A pop-leaning, coming-of-age story about a very specific type of heartbreak”
Sonically, “Girlfriends” pairs thought-provoking, emotive storytelling with dynamic percussion and bouncy electric guitar that counterintuitively make the song feel catchy and calming all at once. Airy vocal swells and synths off the top of the track set the stage for the song’s dream-like reflection. In her signature smoky timbre, Isabel sings, “I wanted to be girlfriends, but we were just girl friends,” revealing the painful standstill of confusion and loss that comes from love unrequited.


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